What is Your Water Footprint?

What is Your Water Footprint?

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Visualization is also posted here:http://www.visualizing.org/html5/16506

How much water do you consume based on where you are from? How much water do you consume based on what food, beverages, and products you purchase? This data visualization reveals the hidden water content in your nationality and your consumer goods. Label your lunch, your drink, your friends, yourself, even the whole world with its water footprint.

  1. Explore – Move your mouse around the map to see the wide range of water information.
  2. Compare – Click on a country or item to keep its data in the tray as you continue to explore other countries and items.
  3. Label – Click on the ‘Print Label’ button to bring up a simple label that shows exactly how much water your selection uses.

visualization created by Joseph Bergen & Nickie Huang

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Posted Mar 15, 2011
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Tags Environment, Drinking water, World Water Day Challenge
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