Visualizing the Impact of the World Wide Web: Winners

Visualizing the Impact of the World Wide Web: Winners

We’re excited to announce the winners of our Visualizing the Impact of the World Wide Web challenge. We partnered with the World Wide Web Foundation and challenged you, the Visualizing community, to visualize the Web Index, the world’s first multi-dimensional measure of the web’s growth, utility, and impact on people and nations. With a strong group of submissions, the judges gained further insight on the Web Index through visualizations that utilized different styles and tools. It was a difficult decision to select a winner, so we’d like to thank everyone who participated for their great effort and work. 

Congratulations to first prize winner Ewa Tuteja for her project Web Maturity. Cleverly representing a range of Web Index indicators through artistic tree glyphs, the project offers an immediate assessment of the state of the Web across the globe. Hania Farhan, the Web Index Director of Research at the World Wide Web Foundation says “Overall, Ewa’s project is both original and intuitive, with a simple, effective and powerful image depicting the story that the Web Index data tells. A tree is a universally understood image, and if a reader is interested in a deeper-dive into the data, the visualisation also allows for that.” Ewa will receive $3200 and an invitation to attend a Web Foundation event celebrating the Web’s 25th anniversary. 

How Healthy is the Web by Roxana Torre garners honorable mention and $500. With its sophisticated filtering and simple design, the project offers comparisons across countries, regions, and the Index, leading to a deeper understanding of the data. The project also allows the user to sort by the dimensions of the Index and strategically uses color to group countries together. Congratulations Roxana.

The student prize of $300 goes to WebImpact by TU Delft students Niels Doekemeijer and Jeff Smits for its different approach to the data, detailed project background, and ability to examine and compare how countries fall on a variety of different dimensions.

Explore all of the projects submitted for the challenge in our gallery.

Thank you to the jurors and all the participants.

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