Visualize the Impact of the World Wide Web

Visualize the Impact of the World Wide Web

In 2009, Web inventor Sir Tim-Berners Lee established the World Wide Web Foundation to tackle the fundamental obstacles of realizing his vision to make the open Web available, usable, and valuable for everyone. To help achieve this vision, last year the Foundation created the Web Index, a multi-dimensional measure of the Web’s growth and utility. 

Today, the 2013 Web Index launched with a rich data set that covers 81 countries and includes enhanced data on gender, surveillance and censorship, and open data. We’re excited to partner with the Foundation for a new challenge that tasks the Visualizing Community to use data and design to visualize the impact of the World Wide Web. Find the nuanced stories in the data set and compete for a chance to win up to $4,000 in cash prizes and an opportunity to attend a 2014 Web Foundation event to mark the 25th anniversary of the Web. 

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that’s really a good development. Just keep it up! & good luck!