The Unknown Killer

The Unknown Killer

Many people enter into a hospital for one reason, but end up staying there for another – Healthcare Associated Infections. HAIs take more lives than breast cancer and prostate cancer combined. It is important to recognize this hidden killer so that steps can be taken to reduce its impact.

About this data:
The data used in this visualization is sourced from Estimating HAIs and Deaths in U.S. Hospitals, Klevens 2002; The Direct Medical Costs of HAIs in U.S. Hospitals and the Benefits of Prenvention, R. Douglas Scott, CDC, 2009

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Amazing,I was not aware of it.I am almost stunned to see that it affects the healthcare budget so much.almost 100k people are getting killed by it is way too much according to me.I want to know whether the insurance companies cover the costs of this or not.Many of my friend have suggested me to look out for the temporary health insurance plan.I would love to know what are the benefits of it and whether or not is it useful for HAI?I hope some of the users will join in the discussion and give the feedback.

Posted Jul 25, 2011
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