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University of Virginia
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The University of Virginia has had a long history of supporting the digital humanities with programs such as The Virginia Center for Digital History, Institute for the Advancement in the Humanities and the recent additions, the Science, Humanities, and Arts Network  of Technological Initiatives, (SHANTI). 

SHANTI has created VisualEyes, a web-based authoring tool developed at SHANTI to weave images, maps, charts, video and data into highly interactive and compelling dynamic visualizations, and seamless access to other web applications such as Google Earth. 

VisualEyes enables users to present selected primary source materials and research findings while encouraging active inquiry and hands-on learning among general and targeted audiences.  It communicates through the use of dynamic displays – or “visualizations” – that organize and present meaningful information in both traditional and multimedia formats, such as audio-video, animation, charts, maps, data, and interactive timelines. 

VisualEyes is used  in innovative, team-taught seminars that invite students working with faculty across departments and disciplines to develop highly interactive visualizations while advancing a broadly collaborative research agenda. It combines the best of liberal arts and discipline-specific education with training in visual thinking and the application of new technologies. 


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