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Design Computing:

The Bachelor of Design Computing is a unique degree that combines the creativity of design with the practical and technical knowledge of computing.

The program focuses on the creative, technical and aesthetic possibilities of computer-based design through he study of major areas: Design, Programming, Interaction and Modelling.
The degree incorporates the knowledge learnt in four major studios, which broaden your knowledge on significant themes in Design Computing, as well as develop your communication and design process skills.

The four studios are Digital Design; Interactive Design; Information Visualisation Design and Human Computer Experience Design. Students also receive a breadth of knowledge from study in other related disciplines from throughout the university. Learn more about student design projects from the Design Lab gallery.

Master of Interaction Design & Electronic Arts:

As technology becomes a greater part of our daily lives, there is a growing need for products, systems and devices that are functional, pleasurable and innovative to fit the needs of the user. The IDEA degree seeks to teach students the possibilities of such technologies and new applications and explore their relation to a number of emerging fields such as biotechnology, sustainability, social networking, global health and cultural diversity. Learn more about student design projects from the Design Lab gallery.

The Interaction Design and Electronic Arts (IDEA) program is the first of its kind in Australia to prepare students in the skills and knowledge of interaction possibilities offered by modern computing technologies.

The program collaborates with local industry partners in interaction design, offering students opportunities to experience and engage with commercial clients or engage in competitive internship opportunities. The program works on a two-year cycle and evolves as technology changes so students are exposed to the latest technology.