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School of Design Studies
Bachelor of Design
Masters of Design

The School of Design provides an interdisciplinary approach to the field of design in keeping with the multi-dimensional nature of the creative demands of contemporary design.Guided by a committed staff of recognised designer educators and researchers, COFA students are encouraged and challenged to give new vision to familiar objects, graphics and environments and to transform an object, graphic or an environment while retaining (or improving) its core functionality.

The School of Design Studies administers the disciplines of applied object, ceramics, environments and spatial design, graphics, jewellery and textiles.

The School of Design Studies offers an integrated approach to the study of design ensuring that students are exposed to a wide array of approaches to the conceptualisation and implementation of the designed object, graphic or environment.

With their broad skill-base COFA design graduates are able to work in arts, design and multimedia industries
School of Media Arts
Bachelor of Digital Media
Masters of Digital Media

The School of Media Arts contributes to current and emerging paradigms of excellence within contemporary mediated arts practices across various technologically based media.

All academic staff within the School of Media Arts are artists and practitioners with a strong commitment to a culture of critical practice-based research and development both nationally and internationally.

The School of Media Arts prepares graduates for national and international creative communities with a range of Undergraduate, Masters, Honours and PhD programs that provide intensive study and are underpinned by the acquisition of thorough theoretical and technical skills.

The School of Media Arts is committed to contemporary industry and cultural practice from within the degrees of Bachelor of Digital Media and the Bachelor of Fine Arts and offers courses that help prepare students for careers in photography, film and video, sound design, multi-media and internet based technologies.