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University of Minnesota
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The Interactive Visualization Lab within the Department of Computer
Science and Engineering at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
explores a broad range of research topics in the areas of
visualization, computer graphics, and human-computer interaction. The
group is interested in questions, such as: (1) How can computer
graphics most effectively leverage the power of the human visual
system to facilitate understanding large multidimensional datasets?
(2) To what extent can visualizations exploit emerging interface
technologies to improve users’ abilities to understand massive
datasets and to design complex 3D structures? Current projects center
on: visualization of time-varying (motion) data, large-scale data
visualization, perceptually optimized visualization, 3D user
interfaces, haptics, and pen and multi-touch input techniques. Beyond
computer science, the research group teams with scientists, engineers,
artists, and designers to test and apply new visualization techniques
to exciting real-world problems; recent projects have focused on
virtual prototyping for medical device design, improving laparoscopic
surgical training, analyzing clinical and experimental biomechanics
data, reconstructing ancient Greek sites in virtual environments, and


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