University of the Arts Bremen

University of the Arts Bremen
Academic Partner

The courses in the digital media program span the fields of design, theory and technology.

Our artistic and scientific program of studies sets out to educate designers capable of using new technologies in experimental and artistic ways, as well as in an approach focussed on functionality and practical uses. Graduates should be able to reflect on these technologies and their effects. But they also should be able to use them for their individual, creative expression.

The program also examines the cultural, social, historical and ethic aspects and basics of new technologies. This calls for an interdisciplinary approach that involves competency in design and technical expertise, but also the ability to work in the methodological, academic manner. Topics such as the interaction of human and machine, audiovisual articulation, generativity and programming as a medium of design form the core of our project-oriented curriculum.

This learning environment promotes the development of designers who will participate in the creation of our technological future.

The University of Bremen and the University of the Arts Bremen together offer a Bachelor program and an international, English-language Masters program that provides an education that is defined by both the arts and sciences.