UN Global Pulse Sustainable Development Indicators

UN Global Pulse Sustainable Development Indicators


UN Global Pulse


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The experts from the UN Secretary-General’s Global Pulse initiative, and his High-Level Panel on Global Sustainability, have assembled a unique data set to drive your thinking. Pulled from a variety of sources, the data presents development along the three pillars of sustainability: the economic, the social, and the environmental. You will find various individual signposts of a country’s progress, from access to clean water to primary school completion to forestation.

In almost all cases, the data are broken out by country, and by time period. The latter are almost always annual, though in some cases they are less frequent. Please see the attached Indicator Descriptions document for detailed information about each indicator.

Indicators included in the data
Priority indicators are italicized


  • GDP per capita
  • Trade networks
  • FDI
  • ODA


  • Poverty
  • Inequality
  • Water Access
  • Undernourishment
  • Health Expenditure % GDP
  • Unemployment by gender
  • Literacy by gender
  • Completion of primary by gender
  • Mobile
  • Telephone
  • Internet


  • CO2
  • Forest Cover
  • Fish Capture


  • Population by country
  • Population 0-14 years
  • Population 15-24
  • Urbanization

World Indicators

  • GDP
  • Inequality
  • CO2
  • Population

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