UN Global Pulse 2010 Mobile Survey

UN Global Pulse 2010 Mobile Survey


UN Global Pulse


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The survey (conducted from May-August 2010) asked two multiple choice and three open-ended questions focusing on economic perceptions:

  1. In the past year, meeting your household needs has been: Easier, Same, More difficult, Very difficult
  2. In the past year, how has the (insert country) economic situation changed?: Better, Same, Worse, Much Worse
  3. What has been the greatest change you had to make to meet your household needs this past year?
  4. How has your quality of life changed over the past year?
  5. In one word, how do you feel about your future?

The same 5 questions were translated and asked in the following five countries:

  1. Uganda
  2. Iraq
  3. Ukraine
  4. India
  5. Mexico

Survey procedure: Mobile phone subscribers received an SMS message asking if they would like to participate in a UN survey. If they opted “yes” then they received Question 1 of the survey. Upon submitting the answer, they received Question 2, and so on.

The countries were selected based on Global Pulse’s identification of a domestic partner organization with the technical capacity to conduct a mobile phone survey. (N.B. India was the only country where the survey was conducted over the phone with an operator asking the questions. In all other cases, the questions were sent to random sample of people over SMS.)

The survey was not meant to represent a statistically significant sample — people opted in, or self-selected to participate. In almost all of the countries, an incentive to participate was offered (like eligibility for free airtime, or direct compensation of the cost of submitting answers upon completion of the survey).