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Department of Visualization, Texas A&M University

The advent of high technology information, imaging, and media systems has fostered a modern renaissance in visualization. During the European Renaissance, many of the period’s great painters were not only artists, but also scientists, architects, and engineers. Today’s visualizers need skills spanning these older disciplines as well as several new ones, such as computer science, video technology, and psychology. In fact, the range of skills is so broad that no one person can truly master them all, and the solitary genius has been replaced by the collaborative team. Strong participants on such teams have both expertise in a specialty area and the broad background necessary for effective collaboration with other team members. The Texas A&M University Visualization Laboratory was established in 1988. The academic program started one year later. The Visualization Laboratory and Visualization academic program were created in response to clear indications that digital visualization was going to play a highly important role in digital communication. The visualization academic programs produce leaders in the fields where art and science merge. 

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