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Changing Demographics and Health Care

Australia’s population is aging and incomes are rising, which brings an increased demand for more and better health care. Currently, 10% of Australia’s GDP goes to health care; this is projected to increase to 16% of GDP in 20 years. A stress point is looming: Australia is already experiencing workforce shortages across health professions, especially in rural areas, resulting in poor health outcomes. In the coming decades, Australia’s changing demographics will further stress an already burdened health care workforce. An older population requires not just more care, but brings a different mix of diseases and health needs. Though the health care workforce has been increasing, it has not matched the rate of demand. The industry faces unique challenges: it is highly regulated and bureaucratized, largely dependent on direct government employment, and suffers from low job satisfaction, recruitment, and retention.

The Challenge: Visualize the relationship between Australia’s demographics and the health care workforce. What are the current trends and specific stress points? As the population changes, how will the workforce need to respond? How does an overburdened workforce affect the country’s health?


Primary Data Set: This set of tables, compiled from a variety of sources, must be used in your project. But you don’t have to fit everything in: select a subset of the data to tell a compelling story. You may also use additional data sets (linked below) or other data found on or on the Australian Bureau of Statistics web site.

Additional Data Sets:



The winning visualization: Guess What Australia by Remi Bouskila, Adam Connellan,Julie Flestado, and John Le.

Read the recap to see the Honorable Mentions and see all of the entries.
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