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Seton Hall University
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Undergraduate and Graduate Certificate Program in Data Visualization and Analysis

In today’s society, government, industry and many other institutions collect and analyze large amounts of data to further their goals. To address these growing needs, the Department
of Mathematics and Computer Science and the Department of Psychology at Seton Hall University offer undergraduate and graduate certification programs in Data Visualization and Analysis. These unique programs teach data analysis, visualization and cognitive psychology. Students may earn the certificates by taking courses online or on-site at Seton Hall University’s campus in South Orange, NJ.

Students are trained to communicate information clearly and effectively through graphic depictions that stimulate and encourage viewer engagement. Students learn how to analyze and portray complex data in an attractive and vivid design format. They also practice preparing real-world data for storing in databases, analyzing data with statistics and machine-learning tools, and using visualization in order to study data and present findings. 

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