School of Planning and Architecture

School of Planning and Architecture
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The School of Planning and Architecture (SPA) is an established brand name for excellence in planning and architecture education. Within twenty five years of its existence, the School has established a reputation as the nation’s leading institution for imparting professional education in town and country planning, architecture and design.

Department of Industrial Design

The primary aim of the programme is to foster a wholesome design experience through an interdisciplinary process of teaching and training. Theoretical, technological and managerial inputs, which are dealt with through various courses, seminars and workshops are all directed towards this central goal.

The determination to take a professional design approach to the interpretation of culture and conversely to use design as a tool for cultural enrichment is the focal point of the programme. Academic exposure while concerning itself with broad phenomena such as sustainability etc. is at the same time highly relevant to the urgent issues concerning technical, manufacturing and marketing aspects of the industrial world of today. The programme maintains close links with the industry, both in order to keep in touch with the latest developments in industrial processes and to ensure that the course remains relevant and comprehensive.

Career opportunities for students passing out of this programme are varied. It includes working for an industry, design or architectural studio or setting up an independent practice in design and architecture.

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