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Arnhem, Netherlands
I'm an information designer working with dynamic and screen based media. My work is process based and often results in generative and/or semi-autonomous software and installations. The design process extends from the work's visual appearance to the editorial structure, all the way into the depth of the software and the subroutines it exists of. I be­lieve form, func­tion and in­ten­tion are in­ter­re­lated. There­fore a pro­ject is a con­stant back and forth move­ment be­tween de­sign­ing and pro­gram­ming. I'm in­ter­ested in ex­plor­ing the bound­aries be­tween in­ter­ac­tive media and the so­cial, vir­tual and phys­i­cal space. My work is ob­ject ori­ented in terms of de­vel­op­ment (ob­ject ori­ented pro­gram­ming) and per­spec­tive (the re­la­tion­ship with the phys­i­cal ob­ject). This has re­sulted in pro­jects con­nect­ing com­put­ers to books, per­for­mances, ex­hi­bi­tions, art in pub­lic space, air con­di­tion­ers, and ob­jects of all sorts.


information and graphic design, interactive design, programming, artwork and creative coding, higher education, visualization and design criticism


I received a BA in Graphic Design followed by a residency at the Jan van Eyck Academy before starting a design studio in 2006. I teach information and interaction design at the Arnhem School of Art and Design.

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