Miami University

Miami University
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AIMS is an interdisciplinary program at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio,

that examines how digital media are disrupting traditional disciplines. AIMS
is an example of liberal education in a 21st century world and a new model
for higher education through its teaching, research, and experiential
opportunities. The program emphasizes hands-on, client based,
interdisciplinary projects. Cross-functional student teams work to solve
real world problems of corporations and non-profits leveraging cutting-edge
interactive media. The Institute mission states, AIMS examines how digital
technology is transforming traditional areas of inquiry. AIMS is committed
to rich interactive experiences that empower individuals and organizations
to experiment, innovate, and collaborate, while preparing students for the
challenges and opportunities that interactive media present.

The Institute offers two minors, a co-major a BA in Interactive Media
Studies, and a graduate certificate. AIMS has a number of Centers associated
with or within its structure including: the Smale Interactive Visualization
Center, the Center for User Experience, the Center for Games and Learning,
the Miami Design Collaborative,
Digital Humanities, and the Mobile Learning Center.