Mapping London’s Cycling Revolution

Mapping London’s Cycling Revolution

Using data from the 2011 UK Census, Transport for London’s Cycling Census and Bike Share data from UCL and TfL, we have shown for the first time the boroughs that produce the most cycling commuters.

The data shows that some borough’s cycling population is as high as 20%, already approaching the government’s Get Britain Cycling target of 25%. The UK still only sees around 2% of journeys made by bike, but London is setting a great example with the number of cyclists doubling in 10 years.

Transport for London reports that more than 1000 cyclists are seriously injured on London’s roads each year and the figure has been increasing as more people join the cycling revolution.

A record total of 154,900 Londoners now cycle to work. In March 2013, Mayor Boris Johnson, himself a cyclist, announced the Vision For Cycling. The scheme proposed the creation of a new “Central London Grid” of bike routes and “Quietways” to make cycling safer and encourage people who are nervous of cycling in traffic to jump on their bikes.

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Posted Sep 18, 2013
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