Visualizing Marathon: London Challenge

The Impact of the Olympics

The Olympics are a big deal for the host city and country, bringing a mountain of media attention, infrastructure improvements, national pride, and foreign visitors. But the Games can also contribute to civic woes like government spending, traffic congestion, and the threat of terrorism. How a community reacts to and benefits from hosting the Games depends on a variety of social and economic factors that are not yet fully understood.

With London playing host to the Games next year, you have an opportunity to impact this discussion. Over the next 24 hours, you will have access to a previously unreleased survey of UK citizens that examines the country’s point of view regarding the Games. The detailed responses include both general questions about people’s well-being and specific questions about hopes and fears for the Olympics. Also provided is contextualizing demographic and economic data. Your challenge is to analyze and visualize the complex attitudes of your country towards the Games and try to advance insights that could help London and future host cities get the most out of the Olympics.


Primary data set: Olympic Futures UK
A detailed survey of over 2000 UK citizens on their present concerns, their view of national challenges, and their attitude toward the upcoming Olympic Games. Included are summaries and respondent-level data with basic demographic information.

Additional data set: Olympic Futures Brazil
If you wish to expand your project’s scope beyond the UK, this is a very similar survey of Brazilian attitudes towards the 2016 Olympics. Including the Brazil data is not required for this challenge.


The winning visualization: UK Olympic Sentiment Analysis by Kyle Foreman, Cristina Grigoruta, Peter Hamilton, and Fan Zong.

Read the recap to see the Honorable Mentions and see all of the entries.

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