Indirect relationship between user-activity-user on Google+

Indirect relationship between user-activity-user on Google+

This image present the relationship between user-activity(post, repost, plus, comment)-user, another words this is indirect relationship between users on Google+.

The colors of the groups was builded based on the user relations. The size of the nodes was computed based on the number of edges that are included in the node.

The data was builded in LoggenCSG on profile Артём Зубков with uses parameter deep search. Result file.

Data visualizated in Gephi. File project for gephi

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Thanks for your message. I plan to refer to the points I marked when I am writing my updates as well, so that you can have a better idea of what I am talking about.

Posted Feb 15, 2012
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Tags Gephi, google plus, LoggenCSG, user activity
Tools GePhi, loggencsg
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