Visualizing Marathon 2012: New Delhi

As India leaps forward in economic development and global competitiveness, a new set of health concerns is afflicting the country. Chief among these are noncommunicable diseases — cancer, diabetes, stroke, and especially heart disease — which now account for more of India’s disease burden than communicable diseases, maternal and child health, and nutrition combined. This looming health crisis has significant economic consequences. As noted by the World Health Organization, noncommunicable diseases strike Indians 10 years earlier than Western countries, disproportionately affecting working-age adults. Cardiovascular disease, in particular, is already a massive drain on the country’s health and productivity, and this burden is projected to double in coming decades.

Your challenge, over the next two days, is to visualize the impact of heart disease on India. We’ve compiled a data set with statistics from the World Health Organization and The Earth Institute that explore the prevalence and burden of heart conditions in the country from a variety of angles. Use design, programming and visualization to show why India should care about this crisis in cardiovascular health and to surface new insights that could help drive new solutions.
  • Who suffers from heart disease?
    • prevalence by age group, sex, and urban/rural 2000-2015
  • The societal burden of heart disease:
    • total DALYs for India by cause
    • total deaths for India by cause, age group, and sex
    • Productive years of life lost due to CVD
      • by age group, years 2000 and 2030 projection
      • compares India with 6 other countries


You are welcome to use additional open data sets but the primary data set must be the focus. 


The winning visualization: Young India Dies Young by Rakesh Baidya, Subhomoy Halder, Vishwaraj Nikumbh, and Archana Singh.

Read the recap to see the Honorable Mentions and see all of the entries.

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