Human Development Report 2011 Data

Human Development Report 2011 Data


Human Development Report Office, UNDP


Public Domain


The report includes four development indices, each combining a set of indicators to measure an aspect of the overall wellbeing of nations. In addition to the keystone Human Development Index, there are indices of inequality-adjusted development, gender inequality, and poverty. The HDR data set includes all 4 indices as well as the individual indicator scores underlying them. Furthermore, this year’s report introduces 18 new sustainability indicators, offering a wide-ranging perspective on environmental threats and protections. The data is compiled for almost 200 countries and ranges over the last 3-4 decades (where available).

Note: SDMX Files Updated 11/15/2011. There was a data inconsistency in the SDMX version of the download. If you are using the SDMX file, please replace your data with this new download. The data structure remains unchanged; the CSV files have not changed and are correct.

Included in the Human Development Report data:

– Human Development Index 2011 (HDI)
– Inequality-adjusted Human Development Index 2011 (IHDI)
– Gender Inequality Index 2011 (GII)
– Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI)
– Sustainability indicators from the 2011 Report