Hollywood Cinemetrics

Hollywood Cinemetrics

Hollywood Cinemetrics is an interactive visualization of hollywood films produced between the years of 2007 and 2011. The software analyzes 6 dimensions of the data set and produces an interactive art with filters for various categories. The design centers around the visual concepts of strings and radial layout driven by an algorithm that computes the quality of a film as a comparative measure of 6 metrics and visually encodes the results in a string length and roughness. A film with consistently high metric scores will have smoother string. The length of the string and the color of the circle at the end of the string expresses the quality of the film based on the currently selected metric; with green representing best quality and red worst.

This was my submission to the challenge of the stars contest and was shortlisted. If you have questions send me email: [email protected]

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Posted Feb 25, 2012
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