The Great Energy Debate

The Great Energy Debate

It’s easy to take energy for granted. We expect to flip a switch and voila. Germany’s transition away from nuclear energy gives us another reason to think a bit harder about energy and where it comes from. Here, we investigate the past, present and future of German’s energy mix.

About this data: The data used in this visualization comes from a number of sources including: AG Energiebilanzen; Kalert; BPB; BGR; Eurostat; Kohlenstatistik; IPPNW; Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology Leitstudie 2010, published in December 2010; Prognos AG for the Bavarian business association Das Energiewirtschaftliche Gesamtkonzept, published in July 2010; Greenpeace Germany: Klimaschutz: Plan B 2050, published in 2010, data based on 2007 calculations.

Design Partner: Gregor Aisch

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Posted Nov 30, 2011
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Tags Energy, Nuclear Power, Renewable Energy, Sustainability
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