Foreign Domestics

Foreign Domestics

A comparison of national and international carriers in domestic flight routes.

Each circle represents a country with airports as nodes and flight routes as edges. Routes operated by foreign airlines are displayed in red, while the remaining routes are displayed in black.

See how domestic routes in some countries are nearly fully operated by foreign airlines (e.g. South Korea, Belize), and in some mostly by national airlines (e.g. Pakistan, Algeria).

It also becomes visible how generally larger countries have more domestic routes and small ones barely have any or none (see e.g. Belgium). There are outliers to this rule though, e.g. island countries such as Solomon Island.

See for more information.

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Till Nagel's picture

moebio, thanks for the feedback!

Yes, I tried that, but the density is one of the things viewers can quickly recognize – of course with the drawback of having some very dense networks for large countries, e.g. USA or Brazil. Besides, different scaled circles need more screen estate, and I wanted to allow comparison for all countries.

But I agree, it’s definitely improvable.

moebio's picture

A way to improve this project is by scaling circles according to number of flights (radius ~, that way density will be equalized and readability improved

Dominic_R's picture

Till, great job! Greetings from Potsdam!

Posted Nov 11, 2012
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