Eyeo Data Visualization Challenge

Visualizing the 2010 Census Data

Earlier this month, we announced a media partnership with the brilliant new Eyeo Festival – a three-day long event that is bringing together some of the most creative coders, designers and artists working today. Tickets sold out fast – so here’s your chance to visualize your way to the festival…

Visualizing.org and Eyeo are challenging the world’s design community to create an interactive portrait of America by visualizing the 2010 census data.

The 2010 Census was the most extensive ever conducted. Approximately 74 percent of households returned their census forms by mail; remaining households were counted by census workers walking neighborhoods throughout the country. National and state population totals from the 2010 Census were released on December 21, 2010. Redistricting data, which include additional state, county and local counts, were released in February and will continue to be released through the beginning of April.


The 2010 Census

About the 2010 Census Data

Decennial Census Data Tables on American Factfinder

2010 Census brief Population Distribution and Change: 2000 to 2010

An Overview: Race and Hispanic Origin and the 2010 Census

Redistricting Data

View local 2010 Census data by state, including population change and race and Hispanic or Latino origin data by county.

To access data from multiple geographies within the state, such as census blocks, tracts, voting districts, cities, counties and school districts, visit American Factfinder.

Apportionment Data

View 10 decades of apportionment history, current apportionment totals and our country’s changing population through the past century.

View as HTML: Population Change, Population Density, Apportionment

Download as CSV: Population Change, Population Density, Apportionment

The US Census Bureau conducts nearly one hundred surveys and censuses each year. Learn more about all the data and metadata available.


  • The winner will receive a pass to the sold out Eyeo Festival plus travel and accommodation
  • The winner will be announced online on Visualizing.org and featured in a Winner’s Q&A.


  • Submission Deadline: May 23, 2011
  • Winner Announced: June 6, 2011
  • Visualizations can be produced using any tool or digital medium. Your entry can be uploaded as any type of digital format. We’d like to encourage visualizations that are not map-based or those that utilize a more creative approach to the map.


    The winning visualization: Ghost Counties by Jan Willem Tulp.

    Read the recap to see the Honorable Mentions and see all of the entries.

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