East Asia’s Urban Change

East Asia’s Urban Change

As part of the Visualizing.org challenge to visualize urban expansion in East Asia I created this interactive map. It’s part of an ongoing experiment to analyze urban change population. The goal was to gain inside in how people move within the country considering the urban regions. With these maps I tried to explore how the density of the population is distributed and how this has changed over 10 years between 2000 and 2010. I thought it was interesting to look at the rural parts around growing cities. Exploring the map you may find that some area’s around cities show a decrease of population, while others show not much change. So in some cases people might migrate into the city, while elsewhere the growth might come from within the city itself.

A part of the experiment is also the research of the dense city centers and the development of those area’s. Some cities may grow in area size, while others grow more in density. The relation between growth of a city and the properties of the rural area surrounding it, is something I’m interested in. At this point I haven’t been able to get stable results from the data yet, this is why this part of the research is not currently embedded in the visualization.

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Posted Mar 12, 2015
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