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Circle of Blue, founded in 2002 and based on the shores of the Great Lakes in Traverse City, Michigan, is the premier news organization covering global freshwater issues. Circle of Blue’s news desk supervises an international network of multimedia journalists and produces trend-setting reports from every continent that are referenced widely by international policy makers, thought leaders and convening events such as the Clinton Global Initiative. The American Academy of Arts and Sciences wrote in 2010 that “Circle of Blue is filling a niche by providing specialized content that is considered essential by an audience of shared interests but that can’t be found in such detail anywhere else. In many ways, it is reflective of a shift in how we define journalism, or at the very least, in how we go about producing and sharing it.” Circle of Blue is a non-profit affiliate of the nonpartisan Pacific Institute.

With intersections across all sectors — from infectious disease to climate — water is the axis issue. Solving water problems has profound impacts on a majority of the planet’s most urgent challenges. Circle of Blue makes the complexities of the global freshwater crisis relevant and personal. Circle of Blue reports and collects information and data, and presents it in coherent, accessible and connected forms. Circle of Blue provides a highly visible forum for response, and through communications design, extends awareness into action. In most cases, the solutions to solve the global freshwater crisis exist. What’s lacking is the awareness and will to respond.

Circle of Blue practices non-advocacy journalism and science, striving to report issues to the highest standards of journalistic and scientific ethics. It subscribes to the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics.

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