Alliance for Excellent Education

Alliance for Excellent Education
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The Alliance for Excellent Education is a Washington, DC-based national policy and advocacy organization that works to improve national and federal policy so that all students can achieve at high academic levels and graduate from high school ready for success in college, work, and citizenship in the twenty-first century. The Alliance focuses on America’s six million most at-risk secondary school students—those in the lowest achievement quartile—who are most likely to leave school without a diploma or to graduate unprepared for a productive future.

The Alliance works to encourage the development and implementation of federal and national policies that support effective high school reform and increased student achievement and attainment. It works to synthesize and distribute research and information about promising practices that enlightens the national debate about education policies and options. The Alliance provides sound, objective, nonpartisan advice that informs decisions about policy creation and implementation. Working with educators, researchers, business leaders, citizen groups, and decisionmakers at the local, state, and national levels, the Alliance develops federal policy recommendations and advocates to policymakers in the federal government.

Why Data?
To prepare every student to graduate with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in postsecondary education and the modern workplace, the nation’s schools must perform at higher levels than ever before. To meet this goal, educators, community members, and policymakers need useful information and hard facts that can help improve policy, practice, and student achievement. There are two prongs to meeting this demand: collecting good information and building capacity to use that information.

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