6,000 Pages Tell the World’s History

6,000 Pages Tell the World’s History

It’s true. We’ve scanned 6,000 pages of GE’s annual reports to build this interactive visualization. But why? What’s the point? Not only does this provide a rich history of how GE has always been at work building, moving, powering and curing the world, but it is a true reflection of how the economy, U.S. and the world as a whole has progressed from 1892 until 2011. By diving deep into key terms, users can uncover interesting stories about innovation over the last century. Explore for yourself! This is best viewed in Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

About this data: The data in this visualization is sourced from all of GE’s annual reports from 1892 until 2011.

Design Partner: Fathom

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excellent visuls

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Can the data set be provided on visualizing.org please?

Posted Mar 19, 2012
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