24h time-lapse of carsharing in Berlin on a World Cup matchday

24h time-lapse of carsharing in Berlin on a World Cup matchday

This is a 24h time-lapse video of carsharing activity in Berlin during the day of the World Cup 2014 match Brazil vs. Germany. Take a look at how Berlin is almost standing still during the match (22:00 – 23:45) and how it comes back alive immediately after the victory of the German team.

This video was produced in collaboration with civity management consultants (http://www.civity.de/en/home), who provided the underlying data. Their most recent (german) publication (http://matters.civity.de/) is an in-depth analysis of the impact and relevance of ‘free floating carsharing’ – both economically as well as traffic wise.

The video itself was produced in Processing and Unfolding with a custom basemap rendered in Tilemill. It was inspired by the project “Seven days of carsharing” (http://labs.densitydesign.org/carsharing/) by DensityDesign and their Milano time-lapse video. Since it was the first time I’ve worked with Processing and Java code, the release of the visualization’s source code by DensityDesign’s Daniele Ciminieri on github (https://github.com/fenicento/carSharing_paths) was a huge help for me (Thanks a lot Daniele!).

Want to read more about the project and our work: http://mappable.info/

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Posted Aug 25, 2014
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Tags Cities, berlin, Carsharing, Germany, Time-lapse, Traffic, Transit, Transportation
Tools MapQuest Open Directions, Openstreetmap, Processing 2.0, TileMill, Unfolding maps
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