Visualizing Marathons FAQ

Visualizing Marathons are student data visualization competitions that challenge participants to use data and design to solve a complex, real world issue. The events provide the opportunity to attend talks by leading designers, interact with students from other schools, win prizes, and have work evaluated by an esteemed jury of design professionals.

Q: How do I register for the event?
A: All individuals wishing to attend the event must register on Eventbrite. Apart from Eventbrite, each participant must also have an account on Visualizing. Please note that each member of a team must complete registration individually. 
Q: Who can attend the event?
A: Visualizing Marathons are open to students and select faculty/guests.
Q: Who can participate in a Visualizing Marathon?
A: Visualizing Marathons are open to currently enrolled students of all levels and disciplines.
Q: I just graduated. Can I participate with a team of current students?
Only currently enrolled students may participate, though those interested in data visualization should check out one of our online challenges. Check back on Visualizing frequently and join our mailing list for email updates.
Q: I noticed the option for a guest pass. How does this allow me to be involved with the event?
A: The guest pass enables you to attend the event, hear the scheduled talks, and find out the challenge when it is revealed, though you would not be able to submit any work for consideration.
Q: Do we have to be present at the Marathon to participate?
A: Yes, all registrants must attend the event to participate; this is not an online challenge.
Q: Do I need a team in order to register for the event?
A: You do not need a team to register, however, we highly recommend that you try and organize a team with students from your own school prior to the event. If you are not part of a team, contact us and we can help place you.  
Q: Does my team need to be finalized before the start of the Marathon?
A: Yes, team assignments must be finalized before the start of the Marathon. We will be in contact with you if there are any issues regarding your team assignment and please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. 
Q: How many students can participate in the Marathon from a single university/school/institute?
Usually 3-4 teams of students from one university will participate in a Marathon, but this not always the case. Contact us if you are a professor and are interested in having a number of students register.
Q: Is there a waitlist?
A: Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Once the event reaches capacity, registration will be closed. As such, make sure that you and your teammates register together as soon as possible.
Q: My university/school/institute is not yet an Academic Partner. Can I still register for the Marathon?
A: If your school is not yet an Academic Partner, you can still register for the Marathon. We will then contact your school. 

Q: Will transportation to and from the event be provided?
A: Registrants are responsible for their own transportation to and from the event.
Q: Will accommodations in the Marathon city be provided?
A: Registrants are responsible for their own accommodations. 
Q: Will food and drink be provided?
A: Yes, we will provide meals and snacks. Vegetarian options will also be provided, and if you have any special dietary concerns, please do not hesitate to let us know and we’ll try and accommodate you.
Registrants are also certainly welcome to bring their own food. At other Marathon competitions, many students brought cookies, fruit, and other snacks for themselves.
Q: Can I bring alcohol to the event?
A: No, absolutely no alcohol is allowed at the event.
Q: What do I need to bring with me to the Marathon?
A: You need to bring your laptop, laptop charger, and student identification card.
Q: What work materials will be provided at the Marathon? Can I bring additional materials?
A: We will provide pens, pencils, paper and markers. Students may bring additional materials such as books, magazines, digital cameras, etc. that may be helpful.
Q: Can we use devices like a tablet, scanner, printer, etc.?
A: We are not providing access to such devices for use by students, but if you would like to bring one to the event for your use that is okay.
Q: Are there any Internet restrictions?
A: We do not impose any Internet restrictions. However, each Marathon’s venue may have certain Internet restrictions. 
Q: In what languages are the challenges and data sets provided?
A: The challenges and data sets are provided in English and, depending on the location of the Marathon, will also be provided in the language of the region. 
Q: When do participants receive the challenge and data set?
Participants receive the challenge and data set at the beginning of the competition.  
Q: Can we consult other individuals?
While we encourage interaction and discussion with students and speakers at the Marathon, all submitted work must be the results of the efforts of its authors.
Q: In what format do projects need to be?
Projects can be in any format that can be uploaded to Visualizing. Find more details on what work can be uploaded to Visualizing here
Q: When must projects be submitted?
A: Projects must be submitted and uploaded to Visualizing by the end of the Marathon. After all the projects are uploaded, students will have the opportunity to present their work at the end of the event.  
Q: How and when will the results be announced?
A: Winners and honorable mentions will be announced on Visualizing approximately 2-3 weeks after the event. 

Q: I’m not very familiar with data visualization. What are we expected to create?
Here are some helpful links about data visualization.
Understanding the Field
Tools & Resources
Marathon Presentations
Andy Kirk, Visualising Data: Data Visualisation Team Talk