Your Music might tell a lot about you!

Your Music might tell a lot about you!

Have a look at your desk. Do you see ‘techy’ gadgets like a flashy gaming mouse, a state of the art colour laser printer, a new tablet pc, and a 20 MP digital camera? Chances are you’re listening to dance music. Is your desk covered in books and sheets of paper? Then you’ve probably got a classical CD on in the background.

Dance music lovers like technology more than anyone else. That is shown in their use of laptops and electronic drum kits to make their favourite tunes, and now also in this infographic. 41% downloaded music in the past month, 63% used a virtual world online, and no less than 70% talks about technology all the time.

More than half of both people who listen to pop music and those who prefer classical music, on the other hand, never talk about technology, and around a third have bought and downloaded a film in the past month. So when it comes to technology, this infographic shows that pop enthusiasts are quite similar to classical music listeners. The films they downloaded may well have been very different, though!

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