YouGov Stastics Infographic

YouGov Stastics Infographic

A recent YouGov poll indicated that UK self-employed professionals; feel frustrated, think that PLC’s would benefit from more flexible types of worker and that not having up to date accounting services is potentially limiting the sector’s ability to grow.

More than half of the self-employed professionals polled (55%) said the Government’s economic policies would not inspire growth in 2012. Most evident in the Midlands, with an underwhelming 17% in agreement at the possibility of stimulated growth.

Reduced Confidence in the Chancellor

It revealed that confidence in the Chancellors policies was significantly lower in younger professionals (18-24 years) compared to their elder predecessors (over 55 years).

Outdated Financial Information

More than half (58%) of respondents in London said accountants should be more proactive in providing self-employed professionals and SMEs with more frequent and up to date information around tax liabilities, profit and cash flow. Only 4 percent disagreed with this notion.

Infrequent and Misguided Information

Furthermore, almost three quarters of the self-employed professionals responding (70%) said they were not informed on a daily basis about how much money could be taken out of their business, after tax liabilities had been taken into consideration. This was highest within Hospitality and Leisure, Legal, Manufacturing and Medical sectors.

The YouGov data was commissioned by specialist accountancy firm, Brookson, which provides services to more than 9,000 contractors, freelancers and self-employed professionals.

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Posted Aug 22, 2012
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