Yahoo! - Ask America Infographics

Yahoo! - Ask America Infographics

Launched in 2010, Ask America was a unique midterm elections hub on Yahoo! News (the #1 news site) which gave a voice to the American voting public through non-traditional polling. Ask America collected data from its millions of users on topics such as the economy, healthcare, immigration and more.

The first graphic the questions “What are the nation’s most pressing issues?” and simply breaks down the 1,671,267 responses by gender, answer, and, of course, issue at hand. The second, titled “U.S. Must Do More for Jobs and Economy,” focused solely on labor and economic issues and received some 108,687 responses.

The third infographic, “America Speaks: the Top Issues by Region”, illustrates the questions that were answered by the most people, broken down by region and by overarching topic: State of the Union or the Economy. And the fourth infographic, released the day after the November 2 midterm elections, depicted America’s view on some of the election’s key issues.

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Posted Jun 12, 2012
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