World's Population with Access to Safe Drinking Water

World's Population with Access to Safe Drinking Water

With a dozen countries around the world that can’t provide clean drinking water to even half of their populations, we are confronted with a global issue that affects millions of people. However, finding a way to get water to more areas of the world is only part of the challenge. The picture becomes startling when you consider the rate in which our worlds population is increasing, but what exactly is the relationship between population growth and access to clean water? The statistical numbers are enormous and vary from country to country, so to get a better idea of how these numbers compare around the world I’ve created a chart that might help put the world’s water problems into perspective.


The combination of red and blue bars represents the entire population divided by those with access to safe drinking water and those without. The green bar represents the population growth rate of that country. The growth bars are proportional relative to each other but not to the population, which is why I chose to have it fade out; the uncertain end of the growth bar is meant to allow the viewer to see it as a different type of data and not get it confused with the population bar.




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Posted Feb 24, 2011
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