World Population Prospect

World Population Prospect

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The UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs has published the first results of their prospect of world population. This information is divided in two big blocks, data until 2010, which is official data, and data from 2010 to 2100 which corresponds to statistical projections of population.

In the visualization named “Population Growth“, two variables have been selected (Population by country and life expectancy at birth by country) from the source data and a third variable (growth population by country) has been created. This index corresponds to the population growth rate.

Rather than follwing an arithmetic progression, colors define types of countries. The matching between colors can be seen in the legend.

The line chart located above the map provides a global context for each variable. If Population Growth view is selected, it will show the total world population; if Life Expectancy at Birth is selected, it will show the world’s life expectancy at birth average per year. Finally, if Population Growth is selected, the line chart will show the global population growth rate.

The whole visualization provides a complete analysis of United Nations population data. If forecasts are right, China will not be the world’s most populous country after 2020, as its population will stop growing at that time. India will be the most populated country for the rest of the XXI century although it will stop growing in 2060 too as many other countries. Nevertheless, Africa will lead the world growth for the second half of the century. At the end, the life expectancy at birth in 2100 will be between 74 and 92 years. This range of 18 years is lower than the current range, as currently the lower life expectancy at birth is in Afganhistan (50 years) and the greater is in Japan (83 years), having a difference of 33 years.

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