World in need of water

World in need of water

Interactive visualization and infotainment game. Check out live version by clicking Full Screen. The interactive map and scatterplot enable you to explore several datasets, which tell a story about the world in need of water. Inspired by the Wii you can play a game with up to 4 players in one room. Have fun, create insights and gain knowledge at the same time.

Note: you may experience performance issues when you don't use Chrome or Safari (JavaScript performance).

The way data visualization is performed is changing: after static infographics nowadays interactive visualizations are quite common. Interactivity gives a better understanding of the information hidden in datasets. But what’s next after interactive visualizations? I believe gaming is the way to go. Therefore I created “World in need of water” : a combination of an interactive visualization and a simple game.

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Posted Mar 15, 2011
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