Will online piracy kill the music industry ?

Will online piracy kill the music industry ?

Project authors are students Simon Vreux, Gilles Schaus, Gilles Servais and Nicolas Widard.
The first data visualization is about the effects of internet piracy on the media industry. It was self documented from a big collection of documents and reports found on the web. It shows the variation of income for the industry, compared to the main events in sharing and piracy over the years.
It was printed on a A1 poster, and there is an interactive version in Javascript of which I will put a link here soon. The second data visualization was created based on data provided by a survey inside the school, about the daily activities of students. The circle, used as a clock, shows the likely percentage of students busy on a specific task, at a specific time. Each concentric circle represents 10% of the students.
The graphic was turned into a working visual clock, that showed in real-time, the main activities of the students.

More pictures here: http://nicolaswidart.com/site/portfolio-iso/cnc-online-piracy-dataviz/

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Posted Sep 26, 2012
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Tags Music, Music, industry, spotify, youtube, smartphone, piracy
Tools Adobe Illustrator CS5, HTML5, raphaeljs
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