Where Does The Merchandise Go From Losing Super Bowl Teams?

Where Does The Merchandise Go From Losing Super Bowl Teams?

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest events in the sporting world. A week long event that ends Sunday by crowning a new NFL Champion. Immediately following the game, the players from the winning team will sport their new branded apparel while celebrating, during interviews and when hoisting the Lombardi Trophy.

However, to ensure players and fans alike can get their hands on this new merchandise, companies like MainGate Inc and the Lids Group have to pre-print these articles before the clock hits zero. That means at one point both teams are called Champions.

Before 1996 the NFL would destroy any merchandise that was misprinted. But for the past 17 years all the losing team’s apparel has been donated to World Vision, a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to helping with those in need worldwide. Now those shirts that say β€œ19-0 Perfect Season” from the 2008 Super Bowl may not be cool in the U.S. after the Patriots lost to the Giants, but for some children of Nicaragua it means they get to own something they might have never had before, a brand new shirt.

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Posted Jan 30, 2014
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