Weight loss is your aim, but are these factors pulling you back

Weight loss is your aim, but are these factors pulling you back

Bad sleeping habits
You would gain weigh either if you don’t get enough sleep or take too much sleep. Weight gain is from biochemical reaction and your habit of staying awake late night eating snacks.

Stress releases cortisol in your body which increases appetite. Another reason to gain weight

The Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
Women at the childbearing age would have this hormonal problem. The growth of cysts and hormonal imbalance adds to weight gain.

You underactive thyroid gland produces less thyroid hormone and slows your metabolism, which in turn gains weight

Prednisone for example increases appetite and retains salt. Combined with poor food choices you would put on weight.

Antidepressant’s long term effect
Certain antidepressants can cause weight gain on a long term use.

Prescription Drugs too
BP medications, diabetes pills etc could add to weight gain too.

Crushing Syndrome
Crushing syndrome is a condition where your body produces too much cortisol. This causes weight gain in addition to many other health problems

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Posted Aug 6, 2012
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