WaterPositive is an interactive multi-media campaign intended to inform and report on the state of the world's water crisis, while engaging the public in a personal and interactive way. The campaign features a 3-tiered strategy focusing at the global, local, and individual level.

The global and regional report is made up of an animated global map, regional water reports, and a “Water Ticker” to be displayed on the NASDAQ tower. The visualization builds on the USGS comparison of water aquifers to bank accounts, where groundwater is analogous to money in an account. Following this logic, groundwater recharge and storage represents positive gains (blue), while consumption is represented as negative (red). Water consumption and depletion rates are then visualized to evoke financial market reports, continually in flux. The substitution of water data for the ubiquitous financial data we are so often bombarded with, juxtaposes the much publicized financial crisis with the relatively invisible water crisis and puts into question our values and priorities as a society.

At the local level, Times Square area businesses are invited to participate in the campaign by volunteering their own water data to a localized report on gains and losses to be displayed in real-time on the vertical Thomas Reuters screen. Additionally, they are invited to sponsor one of the 8 horizontal partition screens to display their own data to the public. These screens will report on water consumption and savings of each proprietor, throwing a new spin on marketing, advertising, and competition.

To engage the individual, a WaterPositive smartphone app is made available for free download to help individuals learn more about the water crisis, track their own consumption and savings, and interact with and support businesses and organizations as they track and report on their own water patterns. Additionally, a marketing campaign is introduced to harness the power of social media and visually spread the word at ground level with a branding strategy implemented with the help of posters, t-shirts, and stickers.

Designers: James Willeford & Linda Chamorro

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