Water Flow

Water Flow

Basically, just by replacing standard water fixtures with new low-flush ones, LaGuardia Airport in New York was able to cut thier water consuption from 68,996,375 gallons per year to 28,370,208 gallons, saving approximately 40,626,162 gallons of fresh water. The total cost associated with updating and replacing 461 fixtures, including toilets, shower heads and sink faucets, was only $89,745. This is sure to have cost less than the 40,626,162 gallons of fresh water that the new fixtures currently save per year.

The series of graphics on the poster, simply point out the amount of water saved by each fixture type, cost of the new fixtures, and also the total number replaced in the LaGuardia Airport. There is also additional meta data that can be useful for calculating the dollar amount that LaGuardia saves now and better understanding the efficency of the new low-flow fixtures.

All of this information can be found on www.nyc.gov/html/nycwasteless.

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Posted Oct 24, 2010
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