This map shows 1645 twitter accounts related to the topic of information visualization. The accounts were determined as follows: For a subjective selection of “seed accounts”[1], the twitter API was queried for followers and friends. In order to be included into the map, a user account needed to have at least 5 links (i.e. follow or being followed) to one of these accounts. The size of the network nodes indicates the number of followers within this network.

[1] The seed accounts were; @moritz_stefaner, @datavis, @infosthetics, @wiederkehr, @FILWD,
@janwillemtulp, @visualisingdata, @jcukier, @mccandelish, @flowingdata, @mslima, @blprnt,
@pitchinteractiv, @bestiario140, @eagereyes, @feltron, @stamen, @thewhyaxis


Moritz Stefaner, 2011

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It looks that Twitter is still a giant of micro-blogging social networking and have most of the persons account on it. I spend my most of the time on twitter searching and exploring the new sources and tweeting them on daily basis. Follow me if you like movie tweets @moviewatchlist

Posted Jul 25, 2011
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Tags visualization, network, twitter
Tools Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, GePhi
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