Visualizing painters' lives, Kandinsky

Visualizing painters' lives, Kandinsky

This project is an attempt to build a visual anthology of 10 abstract painters' lives,
isolating pictorial elements from painters' styles and using them to tell the story of their life and artistic production through a series of diagrams.

We love abstract painters,
we love series and collections,
and the possibility to build visual formats to describe comparable stories.
This visualizations shouldn't be considered scientific.
The data comes from wikipedia, wikipaintings and

We depicted a timeline for each painter, illustrating his artistic production within his main periods, his awards, trainings, connections and influences and further information about his life such as health related issues, habits, love affairs, geography of his moves and important events.

We found it compelling to literally "steal" from each painter's style.
Using colors and shapes each one of them uses to compose their timelines of life events and artworks.

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Posted Jun 13, 2013
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Tags art, Kandinskji, painters, timeseries
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