Visualizing Hospital Price Data

Visualizing Hospital Price Data

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Our interactive visualization focuses on combining quality of care data with the CMS Medicare cost data to help patients view which hospitals are the best value, hospitals that deliver great quality of care without the high price tag. After reviewing search trends and reviews from patients we discovered that along with cost, quality of care was the additional metric most important to patients. In order to compare the quality of care against the cost of care averages for each hospital, we used the quality ranking data on the Medicare care website.
We compared the average price for each procedure against all other hospitals that perform that procedure and used the deviation to determine a 1-5 ranking. Once we had a cost score on each procedure, we averaged the scores for the procedures performed at each hospital to create a hospital cost score. We then turned to the quality data provided by Medicare and gave each hospital a 1-5 score based on their rankings in relation to other hospitals. To determine the value of each hospital we averaged the cost and quality scores ranging from 1, hospitals that provide low quality of care for high cost, to 5, hospitals that provide high quality of care for low cost.
We see the public using this as a resource to easily compare hospitals on their highest concerns before scheduling a procedure. Users will be able to find nearby hospitals with high value ratings and compare them with other hospitals they may consider.

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Posted Aug 21, 2013
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