Visualization of Content Density of Radiohead Lyrics

Visualization of Content Density of Radiohead Lyrics

This visualization shows the content density of the lyrics in Radiohead

The "content density" is determined by two measures:
Lexical density - the proportion of words in a text which are related to content (nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs). In this case this was calculated as the ratio of words which were not stopwords to the total number of words per song.

Lyrical density - the number of lyrics in a song in relation to its length (total # words song / track length).

The songs are colour-coded by album, with points plotted by lexical density along y-axis against the lyrical density along the x-axis and sized by total number of words in the song. As such, the position of the point in the plot gives an idea of the rate of lyrical content in the track.

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Posted Jun 22, 2013
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Tags Lyrics, Music, Radiohead, Text Mining
Tools Tableau
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