Visualising Backlink Data To Simplify Analysis For Search And Content Marketing

Visualising Backlink Data To Simplify Analysis For Search And Content Marketing

Full details of the visualisation are available on the project page.

The visualisation plots the link profile of the websites and social profiles of the leading manufacturers in the Australian automotive category.

Multiple manufacturers are linked to by major auto publications, yet some manufactures have dedicated fan bases, blogs, and news outlets which almost exclusively link to their websites.

The research was intended to be utilised to communicate the importance of content for manufacturers.

The map has the following spatial properties:
- Nodes on the outer edges of the network are linked to many nodes within the network
- Nodes which cluster around an asset node represent unique links to that asset
- Nodes with links to similar asset combinations are located close to one another

- The spatial element only represents some of the information contained within this map
- Additional information is contained within the node sizes and colour
NB. The largest nodes are the asset nodes – these have been coloured green with the exception of Kia and Hyundai’s websites, which have been coloured red to distinguish them as they were the two websites we had a special interest in for the purpose of this investigation
- The remaining nodes are sized based on domain authority, the largest being those with the highest the authority
- Pink nodes indicate links that are unique to a particular asset node
- Blue nodes represent domains that Kia have links from, but Hyundai are not
- Vice-Versa, Yellow nodes represent domains that Hyundai are linked from but Kia are not
- Green nodes represent pages that both Kia and Hyundai share links to
- Nodes which neither Hyundai or Kia share links to are coloured on a colour-scale from white to red depending on how many other competitors have a link to their page on that site – white nodes have the fewest external links and red nodes have the most (ranging from 2 to 16)

All disclosures and interests are declared on the project page:

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Posted Mar 10, 2013
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Tags Backlink Visualisation, Link Visualisation, SEO
Tools GePhi, Microsoft excel, SEOMoz
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