Vipe2012: Visualization and interaction for president election 2012

Vipe2012: Visualization and interaction for president election 2012

Visualization of Twitter's trend on election

Twitter information can reflect how people think of some events, some people or even some things. It is also great interaction methods for public people and ordinary people. Through our visualization, we can easily show the keyword distribution in twitter of president candidate or twitter mentioned them, as well as the dynamic pattern of the distribution. Also we provide flexible interaction ability for user brush the time period in the region of interest. By dragging the time brush, we can find the changing pattern of the dominated keywords. For detail exploration, comparison function is provided. User can select any interested keywords, to see the difference in number, categories and distribution along the time for the two president candidate.

So in all, our visualization toolkit provide flexible interaction for user to better understand the twitter data, in order to seize the trend of the election. We firstly do the preprocessing of the data, filter out the meaningless words in the original data. And our main function is as follows,
1) Visualize of the keyword distribution related to two president candidate
2) Interactive brushing the temporal range of interest, to see the aggregation of keywords distribution.
3) Hover, click selection and type search for interested keywords, linked view shows the details of very keywords in the whole time period.

Based on these interaction and visualization, we can also extend many features in the futures, such as correlate the events or news with our visualization. Interesting relationship might be digisted, also details of the twitter can also be revealed by details views in the future.

Hope you enjoy our tools!

For any further information, please contact simingchen3 at gmail dot com

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very nice and useful !

Posted Nov 11, 2012
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Tags 2012 election, infographic, social media, politics, interactive tool, Twitter, web design
Tools d3.js, jquery
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