VASTvis - Visual Analytics with Multiple Coordinated Views

VASTvis - Visual Analytics with Multiple Coordinated Views

One of the mini-challenges in the VAST Challenge 2010 was to identify symptoms and track spread of a pandemic across multiple countries using the provided data. At Bangor, we built an interactive tool to let us explore and compare the data from different countries over time, and filter directly on each of the views.

This enabled us to extract directly from the data (hospitalization and death records) the symptoms of the disease, as well as use statistical measures to determine its spread and lethality, all at interactive rates.

Source code is available at

The full author list for this project is Rick Walker, Llyr ap Cenydd, Serban Pop and Jonathan C. Roberts, all from Bangor University.

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Posted Oct 9, 2011
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Tags health analytics, vast challenge
Tools Processing, sqlite
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